Who We Are

Churches are like people. They each have personalities and quirky things that make them unique.
Here are some things that are true about us.

We are real.

Seaside is a church for Real people. You get that sense the first time you come to one of our gatherings. We aren’t trying to impress each other or you. We come from a variety of different backgrounds and life stages. Some of us come tatted up but pretty much no one comes dressed up. We believe we can all come as we are and meet Jesus as he is.

We are friendly.

We generally like each other most times :) and we like being together. When you start hanging out with us expect to be greeted by hospitable people and to build some real friendships with others.

We are raw.

 We try to tell it like it is. We don’t believe in hype. Everything isn’t always good. Everything isn’t perfect. Life is hard and we don’t have a problem talking about that. We meet in an old garage where in the past wood was cut and motorcycles were fixed. There was sawdust and grease on the floor. We don’t mind a mess because Jesus has met us in ours.

We love Jesus.

We really do! Jesus has changed our lives and our church exists to share his message with the world. That’s too much to talk about here but come hang with us and you’ll learn more about Jesus and His gospel!

We are servants.

In our city, county, and anywhere else God leads us. We love to serve because Jesus has served us. We live this out as a local church (Bremerton), with a regional impact (Kitsap), and a global heart for the world.

We study the Bible.

We are a Bible church. The Bible is the greatest book to ever be written. It continues to be the best seller year after year and if you want learn the Bible, Seaside is a great place to do that!

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