The Elders are a group of men who have committed to praying, teaching, and overseeing Seaside Church. They follow the leading of Jesus who is the Senior Pastor of Seaside Church (1 Peter 5: 1-4).

Pastor Rob Steinbach

Lead Pastor | Elder

Pastor Jon Kroeker

Executive Pastor | Elder | Community Groups

Kevin Stigile

Elder | Finance Team

Jake Lueders



Our staff lead in a variety of ministries and ways to equip the church for the work of ministry [Eph. 4.12].  

Kristi Garguile

Deacon of Women's Discipleship

Noah Irish

Youth Pastor

Vicki Mathews

Deacon of Music

Elisabeth Irish

Assistant Deacon of Music

Liz Johnson

Administrative Assistant

Sarah Kiess

SeasideKids Director

Leslie Hunt

SeasideKids Assistant Director