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Seattle, WA

Center Church

Irvine, CA

Ahero Reformed Fellowship Church

Kisumu, Nyanza Province, Kenya


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Arise Church
Ventura, CA

 Calvary Church
Monument, CO

Coram Deo Church
Las Cruces, NM
Grace Bible Church
Redmond, OR

Oakdale, CA

Reformed Church LA
Lynwood, CA
Reformed Church LA
San Pedro, CA

Story Church
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Sufficient Grace Church
Puyallup, WA

Seaside is part of the Acts 29 Network.

ACTS 29 is a diverse, global family of church-planting churches.
Acts 29 is a diverse, global network of church-planting churches characterized by:
   Theological clarity
   Cultural Engagement
   Missional Innovation
Acts 29 stands on the following five theologically-driven core values:
Gospel centrality in all of life
   The sovereignty of God in saving sinners
   The work of the Holy Spirit for life and ministry
   The equality of male and female and the principle of male servant leadership
   The local church as God’s primary mission strategy

Acts 29 is a network known for:
Planting churches that plant churches
Pursuing holiness and humility
Being a radically diverse and global community
Praying for conversions through evangelism

Seaside Church is part of the A29 US Network,
one of 10 networks that make up the global family of Acts 29.

The US network is built on five distinctives:
Assessing, Coaching, Funding, Support, and Training.


Beyond supporting church plants through Acts 29, we are specifically partnered with the following church plants. 

Icon Church

Seattle, WA

Seattle is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. With that come incredible assets, including a growing economy, and an increasingly global reach. At the same time, Seattle faces the same significant challenges that many growing cities face, including homelessness, gentrification, racial disunity, and economic disparity.

Icon Church exists because God loves Seattle and has called a small group of Christians to do the same. Beginning in the summer of 2018, Justin and Emilie Anderson began to dream and pray with others about starting a church in the middle of the city that would bear witness to the love of God and invite people to become who God made them to be (God's image bearers [aka. "icon"]).  Icon church officially launched in September 2019.  

Center Church

Irvine, CA

Irvine California is churched and couched in safety and security of Jesus look-alikes. People are more like the older, responsible son than the younger, rebellious son in Luke 15. Jesus is somewhere in their life and their schedules but is not the center where everything is connected. Simply, Jesus is hidden.

We want to see Christians freely, actively, creatively, and constructively seek the good in their relationships, in their tasks, in their spheres of influence, and in their cities.

Center Church exists to make everyday disciples.
Follow: We make everyday disciples by following up and following through our confession of faith in the Lord Jesus.
Family: We make everyday disciples by doing life together and taking care of the family by getting things done.
Friend: We make everyday disciples by cultivating friendship with everyday people.