Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Seaside!  

You've arrived at this page because the volunteer position you are interested in requires an application and/or training.  

Please scroll down for section related to your area of service.

Kids/ Youth Volunteer Applicants

Thanks for your interest in serving with kids/ youth at Seaside!  

We take the safety and leadership of kids/youth at Seaside seriously.  With that we have a robust process for you to complete prior to serving.

One of our staff will walk with you through the following items.

Safety Team Training & Application

Please complete the following Safety Team Training Checklist:

  Print/ Read/ Sign the Safety Team Manual (we can provide printed versions for you if needed).

  CPR/ First Aid Certification: You can take an online CPR Course, we’ll provide the code for you or take an in person course. Email for code/ information about local courses. If you already have a valid CPR/ First Aid Certification, email photo of Completion Certificate. 

  Complete background check. Once you email/ handoff your signed safety manual, we’ll enter you into the MinistrySafe Background Check system and you’ll receive an email requesting info to run the background check. Complete the necessary information.

  Watch the following videos: 

  Download and open WhatsApp Messaging App on your phone. Join “Safety Team WhatsApp Messaging Group” by following this link. 

  After all of the above is completed, shadow safety team member(s) for both gatherings to learn everything needed. We’ll contact you to schedule this. 

If you have any questions, email Alex