Open now through May 15

Help us help you look fly this summer!!


STEP 1: Create and submit a t-shirt design (follow instructions below).  
STEP 2: Seaside will vote on their favorite designs May 16-23.  
STEP 3: The top two T-Shirt designs will be available for purchase in June!


-We'll print on Hanes Nano T-Shirts. Choose shirt color only from the colors available here.
-All designs must be in one ink color only.
-All designs must incorporate the Seaside logo.  Download the logo variations here. 
-Designs can be front only or front & back (no sleeves or odd locations).


Have fun!!  What do you think of when you think of Seaside Church?
Feel free to browse our website for image/ text inspiration.
Need more inspiration?
Think of landmarks in our city, county or region. Take a walk through Evergreen Park, ride the ferry, visit murals around town, take in the graffiti walls in Manette (near the Y or @ the old bowling alley).


Design With Designer:
1. Open the designer by clicking here.  
2. Be sure the Hanes Nano T is selected.
3. Select the T-Shirt Color you want.  
4.  Create your design: Use the text and art tabs to add text or art. Upload your own art via the upload tab.  Add the Seaside logo into the design by downloading it here and then uploading it.
5. Save the design by adding a title for your design and entering your email.
6. Email the design to by copying/ pasting the link that is created after your save your design.
Design On Your Own Software (Step by Step Instructions):
1.  Select your T-Shirt Color from the Hanes Nano T-Shirt on Click here to chose a color, take a screenshot of the blank t-shirt in the color you want and use that as the background that you put your design on.  
2. Download the Seaside logo at link above. Designs must fit into a 12" wide x 15" high box on front and/or back. 
3. Submit designs via email (PDF, PNG, JPG only) to