In addition to our Sunday gathering, we meet in smaller groups throughout Bremerton and Kitsap County to live out our mission (Christ, Community, Culture) and identities (Family of Missionary Servants) in Missional Communities (MC's).

If you’ve never heard the term, a Missional Community is a group of people on a mission to help others meet and follow Jesus. It’s pretty simple. 

A Missional Community does three things together:

  1. Mission: They focus on a specific group of people (neighborhood/relational network) by engaging in acts of service and hospitality, as well as everyday opportunities to build relationships and share Jesus.
  2. Family Meals: They meet together for a ‘family meal’ which is a time to grow as friends, pray, have fun, and encourage one another in the mission. 
  3. Bible Groups: They grow together as disciples by gathering in smaller groups of men and women to read the Bible. 

Here are a few ways you can get connected with an MC at Seaside.

  1. Come to a New to Seaside Lunch.  These happen quarterly and offer a great way to learn who we are, what we do and how we do it.
  2. Browse through the list of Current MC's below and connect with a group leader.
  3. Complete this form and we'll help you get connected.

Here are a few more in-depth resources on Missional Communities

Current Missional Communities

You'll find our current groups, with group leader contact information, listed alphabetically below.  

  • Bremerton/ Silverdale MC

    Leaders. Jeremy and Rachel McCrimmon. Brytt and Mark Keel. 

    We are a mixed interest group composed of people across the Bremerton & Silverdale communities.  We make time to know each other in the midst of the busyness of life.

    Mission. We are united in community and focus on both general mission (work, neighborhood, church, family, etc) & specific mission (hospital, fostering, prison, sports coaching).

    Family Meals. We meet once a month, Sunday after church. We share meals, grow in relationship, pray/ praise and share God's word.

    Contact. Email Jeremy & Rachel McCrimmon: 360.535.2899, Mark & Brytt Keel: 360.731.0837

  • Bremerton (West) MC

    Leaders. Jake and Bethany Lueders

    Our group meets to encourage each other weekly and often participates in life together throughout the week. We primarily serve West Bremerton, and welcome anyone to join us! 

    Mission. We love serving families in the Downtown Bremerton and Evergreen Park area. Currently, we serve families through building friendships with people at Evergreen Park, supporting women in the military community, and serving women and children through Pregnancy Resource Services.   

    Family Meals. We meet weekly on Tuesdays evenings, from 6 to about 8 or 9pm… sometimes people linger later. We share a meal, discuss the sermon, encourage and share in our mission, and pray for one another. Some in our group have young children, so they are running around and usually participate in songs and sometimes a Bible story and prayer.

    Bible Groups. We currently have two smaller Bible groups that meet weekly, one women’s and one men’s. Our Bible groups are also a part of our outreach.

    Contact. Email Jake and Bethany Lueders

  • Bremerton Young Professionals MC

    Leaders. Ken Adkins, Nathan & Morgan Andrews, Jason Brandt.

    Comprised mostly of young professionals that like to get together and enjoy food and being together (and games!).

    Mission. The group focuses on millennials who are undecided about Christianity or church. We seek to offer a realistic vision of what the church is, separate from preconceived notions or prior experiences. We are engaging people by inviting them to join us in preparing dinner together, enjoying the dinner we prepared, and spending time together in order to build relationships. After dinner we often play games or just talk. We try to get together for other activities as well.

    Family Meals. Most Friday nights starting at 6 PM as schedules allow. We prep food, eat food, and enjoy gathering with each other.

    Contact: Ken Adkins 360.649.7462

    Nathan Andrews 360.621.7133

    Morgan Andrews 502.693.1127

  • Manette (Bremerton) MC

    Leaders. Chris and Myra Cerveny.  (Chris and Myra have been married almost 13yrs with 5 children ranging in ages from 16 to 4. Professionally, Chris is a Boat Mechanic and Myra is a Radiologic Technologist. Chris is one of the elders at Seaside and plays bass in the worship band. Myra enjoys working out, running marathons, and the Oregon Ducks).

    Our MC is an easy place to just be yourself, with or without children. Currently, the group consists of adults with children, without children, and with grandchildren. The kids that are in our group are encouraged to be a part of our discussions and mission and there is no "sitter".

    Mission. Generic: Love our neighbors and share the Good News of the Gospel.

    Specific: Since the majority of us live in Manette, we have a heart for the people that live here. Our desire is that God's Love would be felt by everyone in Manette, from the bridge to Illahee and everywhere in between.  

    Family Meals. We have family meals every other Friday. Our Family Meals are potluck style, and usually involve a fire with marshmallows and smores. These meals will also be rotating around the Manette area while the weather is nice. We dont worry about allergies or special diets, so bring what you want to share. (just dont eat, what you are allergic to or your diet keeps you from eating)

    Bible Groups. Right now we have two bible groups going.

    Contact. Email Chris Cerveny or call 360.340.2939

  • Outdoor Recreation MC

    Leaders. Rob and Beth Steinbach. Terry and Mandy Hiatt. 

    Our group is pretty new. We started in the winter of 2015 gathering informally. We are currently made up of a few families and single adults. We have kids that range high school down to pre-K age. 

    Mission. Our focus is primarily on our friends and neighbors who enjoy doing things outside (camping, hiking, climbing, etc.) We use outdoor recreation to build friendships with people whom we hope to see meet Jesus and follow him. Some of us are connected to Olympic Mountain Rescue and we hope to serve the men and women there as well. To do this we plan day trips, camping trips, and climbs. We then invite our friends to join us and build relationships with them. This opens up other doors to serve our friends. The outdoor community is often pretty skeptical of church and disconnected from Christians and so we hope to bridge that gap. Though using outdoor recreation to connect with people and make disciples is our main focus we also respond to other opportunities that come up. For example, one of our families serves in foster care  and often need help with their foster c

    Family Meals. We meet for a meal about once a month. The time and date changes based on our schedules. When we meet we like to do so for about 3 hours. We share a meal, talk about how things are going in our lives, and talk about our mission. Sometimes this involves planning an event for the whole group. Sometimes it involves a few members of our MC talking about specific people and planning ways to serve/reach them. 

    Contact. Email Rob and Beth Steinbach: 360.824.3334

  • Port Orchard MC

    Leaders. Scott and Sue Paschke. 

    We are currently made up of a few families and single adults.  We have kids that range from high school down to Pre-K.

    Mission. Our focus is on our friends and neighbors who live in Port Orchard. We hope to connect with them through meals and events together.  We are also always looking for ways to help and bless others that God brings in our path. 

    Family Meals. We all meet together for a meal twice a month, typically on Tuesdays (although we are flexible). We typically met for two hours, sharing a snack/ meal, talking about how thing are going in our lives and talking about ways we can serve others (mission).

    Bible Groups.  We currently have two Bible Groups going (one men's, one women's).  Each group meets every other week, alternating weeks with the other Bible group.  

    Contact. Email Scott and Sue Paschke.

  • SeasideYouth Leaders MC

    Leaders. Jon and Candice Kroeker

    We are a group of adult volunteer leaders that serve youth at Seaside and in Bremerton.  Some of us are part of other MC's, for others this is their primary MC.

    Mission. We exist to make disciples of youth that come to Seaside, their friends and other students within the Bremerton School District neighborhoods.  We serve students weekly, on Wednesday nights from 6-8pm and do camps/ special events sporadically throughout the year.

    Family Meals. We gather monthly, with our families, to share a meal, make plans for serving youth, and pray for the students.

    Contact. Email Jon Kroeker: 360.674.8857.