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A community-centered group for youth to grow in character and develop healthy relationships with mentors and peers. We gather weekly, sharing dinner, playing games, having fun and meeting in small groups to read/ discuss the Bible. We also do camps and special events throughout the year. 

Gathering Weekly @ the Seaside Garage (facemasks required):

Tuesdays, 6-8pm: Middle School [Grades 6-8]

Wednesdays, 6-8pm: High School [Grades 9-12]

In cooperation with the health department, we are taking the following precautions during our gatherings. 

  • Face coverings - Please wear a face mask or face shield during the gathering. We have disposable face masks available at the entrance door. 
  • Physical distancing - Before, during and after gatherings, please maintain a minimum of 6’ of physical distance between others. 
  • Cleaning - We will disinfect all commonly touched surfaces and bathrooms after each gathering. 
  • Sick Policy - Feeling Sick? Stay home when you are sick, especially if you have: FEVER (anything over 100.4), COUGH, SHORTNESS OF BREATH. If you feel unwell or have the following symptoms please leave the building, notify Pastor Jon and contact your health care provider. DO NOT ENTER the building if you have: FEVER, COUGH, SHORTNESS OF BREATH

Camps/ Trips

1-2 times each year we CAMP together. These trips trips offer an extended time together, helping us connect with God and each other, away from the many distractions of normal life.

Check out our events page for the latest events. 

Register here for the 2020 Youth Serve Trip.

Youth participants are required to have a Medical and Consent Form on file. Once completed, the Consent forms are valid for that calendar year.

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VIsion & Mission

We want to see Seaside's mission [Draw to Christ, Develop in Community, Deploy to Culture] advanced in the lives of youth in Bremerton and Kitsap. We see that mission playing out in two simple opportunities for youth.

Youth have the opportunity to Draw to Christ and Develop in Community through the weekly SeasideYouth gathering. We gather weekly, sharing dinner, playing games, having fun and meeting in small groups to read/ discuss the Bible. 

We want to help youth Deploy to Culture. The primary avenue for this is regular youth events (day events/ camps/ trips). These events are meant to be fun and engaging, something that current youth can invite their friends to. We hope these events offer space, time and opportunity for youth in Bremerton/ Kitsap to connect with God.

Mature volunteer leaders [mentors] who desire to disciple youth are central to SeasideYouth's ability to accomplish our mission.