Community Groups

// COVID-19 UPDATE: Currently, our community groups are all gathering in a variety of ways to meet COVID guidelines.  To get connected with a Community Group during this time, email Jon //

A Community Group (CG) is a small group of people (8-15ish) who meet regularly together to grow as followers of Jesus. 

Community Groups are the primary way we live life together at Seaside following the pattern established in the early church . 
“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers…” (Acts 2.42). 

Each CG is committed to living out the mission of our church together. First, we draw to Christ through Bible Study (Sermon Discussion, Book Discussion, etc) and prayer. Second, we develop in Community. Typically a CG will have some food and give a good portion of their time to grow together as friends. Finally, we deploy to Culture. We look for opportunities to serve our city/county and help others meet and follow Jesus through hospitality to friends/neighbors, service, and evangelism. Our hope is that friendships will form in the group and grow into sharing life together beyond the regular meeting. 

Our community groups formally run from September through May. Most groups continue meeting through the summer, but may take some breaks. We encourage groups to take advantage of the weather by hosting bbq’s or meeting in a park. This can be a great time to invite friends and neighbors to hang out as well. All groups with available space can be joined at any time during the year. 

A few other things to know about Community Groups: 
  • All our CG’s meet at least twice a month but most meet more than that.
  • While all our CG’s have the same mission and vision, they are also all unique and different. For example, some are better at hosting small children than others. Some also have a more intentional missional focus than others. They all meet at different times and days of the week. It may take a month or two to figure out which CG works best for you so we encourage you to explore some of the groups if you need to.
  • A typical CG meeting will consist of some type of food (dinner or snacks) and a time to connect relationally. After this, the group will spend time growing in Christ. This could be studying a book of the Bible together, discussing a book on some area of the Christian life, or discussing the previous week’s message using the study guide on our website. Each meeting will also include a time of prayer. Finally, the group will take some time to encourage one another and talk about how we are making disciples outside of the group. They may also serve together in some ministry opportunity.

If you'd like more information about Community Groups or want help getting connected with one, please visit the Connect Table on Sunday morning and we'll help you from there. You can also complete a CONNECT Card Online and we'll follow up with you.