5th Grade Discipleship Class

Sundays @ 11am [May 16- June 20]

5th Grade Discipleship Class Information

The class will run 6 weeks [May 16- June 20] on Sundays during the 2nd Gathering

Who is this for?  
Current year 5th Grade students who have expressed a desire to follow Jesus (these students will be promoted to SeasideYouth at the beginning of the summer after the class is over).

Who will teach this class? 
Sarah, our SeasideKids director and Noah, our Youth Pastor, will co-teach this class along with help from others who serve with our kids or youth at Seaside.

Why are we doing this class?  
This class will help 5th grade students see that following Jesus means, Drawing to Christ, Developing in Community and Deploying to Culture. As 5th grade students transition out of SeasideKids/ Elementary school, we want to spend a concentrated amount of time teaching them what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.  We believe this is an important time in student's lives as they prepare to move out of the concrete thinking of their childhood and into the abstract thinking of their teenage/ adult years.  Many churches over many years have offered confirmation classes for kids in their church teaching them the basics of the faith- this is our confirmation class of sorts.

What will we teach kids in this class? 
The curriculum for this class is adapted from the Adult Discipleship Class that we teach to all adults at Seaside.  While keeping the same themes/ core content from adult discipleship class we've added a variety of fun/ interactive activities, scripture memorization, homework to do at home with a parent and more.  The 6 class topics are as follows:

Draw to Christ

Develop in Community

Deploy to Culture